Burnished Brass

It’s true, all that glitters is gold. However, most people can’t afford to decorate their entire house, let alone a single room, in this precious metal. So since, most of us aren’t filthy rich, we have to look to other alternatives to get that glitzy gold look. The best way to go? Brass. Using brass in the bathroom is nothing new. In fact, brass has been used for so many years that there are some who think brass is outdated. But lately, brass is making a comeback in a big way. Which is why we offer three gorgeous brass finishes for our metal vanities, metal inlay, and hardware options. We’ve talked about satin and antique brass so now it’s time to talk about the glitziest brass around, burnished brass.

Alton in Black Lacquer and Burnished Brass

Burnished brass is a brass finish that most closely resembles polished brass. It is a warm metal, polished until it is bright and gleaming. With a rich, golden color, burnished brass is shiny but without being too ostentatious. There is a sophistication that comes with burnished brass that never comes off as gaudy – it has just the right amount of shine to make your vanity look classy.

Our burnished brass is hand polished right here in our factory by our talented craftsmen and is also considered a living finish, meaning it is un-lacquered. Because of this, the brass will patina over time which can give it a unique look with lots of character. If that is something that you would rather not happen, polishing it every so often will help it keep its beautiful shine.

Avant in a textured finish and Burnished Brass

We think burnished brass looks good on just about everything but there are some pairings that really help this metal sing. Black lacquer helps make the brass shine like gold and looks spectacular on a high class vanity like our Alton. But if you are looking for something a little less glamorous yet still stunning, try our Avant and pair it with one of our new textured finishes. The deep color of the oak gives the burnished brass details a subtle and dignified look.

Try out our configurator to see all the ways you can incorporate this gorgeous metal finish on your dream vanity!

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