2021 Bathroom Trends

A new year brings with it a new start and in the design world, that means new trends are on the rise. With most of us spending 2020 stuck in our homes, a few things have jumped to the top of list when it comes to recreating a living space, like cleanliness and comfort without sacrificing style. We scoured the internet looking for the things we think are going to be a big hit in bathroom design for 2021.

Floating Vanities

If you remember, floating vanities were on the rise these last few years, quickly becoming the go to for bathroom vanities. They are great for small spaces and even better when it comes to keeping your bathroom space clean. The open area between the vanity and the floor not only makes the room feel bigger than it is but it makes it easier to clean, which we all know is high on everyone’s priority lists. Floating vanities are versatile, modern, and an all around great addition to any bathroom space.

Bold Statements

An interesting trend that keeps popping up is the use of bold statements in the bath. This is typically being shown with big tile patterns, marble walls and floors, eccentric wallpaper, and flashy vanities. These elements are eye catching and bring the right amount of flair to the space without being overwhelming. It’s nice to see bathrooms getting the same level of attention as other rooms of the house, proving that these spaces can be just as thought provoking and fashionable as a living room or kitchen.

Quartz Tops

Bathrooms can be unforgiving environments when you think about it. If you’re anything like me and enjoy a nice hot shower, the build up of moisture and wreak havoc on your furniture and so can other things like toothpaste, makeup, or even nail polish. When it comes to designing a durable bathroom, you want to include materials that will look elegant and be able to survive the harshness of a bathroom which is why quartz is quickly becoming a stable in bathroom design. This man made material is one of the most durable tops for a bathroom and looks downright gorgeous no matter what design style you are aiming for.

Custom Vanities

Being at home this past year made us all realize just how important being in a space that is true to who we are is in our daily lives. And what better way to express your unique style than with a custom vanity? That’s right, custom made pieces are quickly become all the rage in bathroom design and why shouldn’t they be? You space should reflect who you are from the fixtures to the vanity. Custom vanities allow you to bring to life your exact plan, right down to the finish and fixtures. We, personally love that custom cabinets are becoming more and more popular in the design world.

Living Finishes

A few years ago, mixing metals was they way to go when it came to bathroom design and still is for the most part. However, there is a new trend that leans more towards choosing living finishes for the bath. A living finish, as you may know if you are an avid reader of our blog, is a finish like Burnished Brass that will change over time, or patina. This creates a look that is super unique and all its own as the metal begins to turn and age over time.

Integrated Lighting

Avalon in White Lacquer

The last trend we expect to see everywhere in 2021 is integrated lighting. Lighting in the vanity, lighting in the mirrors and medicine cabinets, we expect to see it all. It adds a nice, soft modern touch while remaining functional and keeping things uncluttered.

These are just a few things we think will be a big hit in the new year. We are beyond excited to see what else 2021 will bring to the design world and we can’t wait to share it with you!