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Living Finishes

Burnished Brass is one of the many metal finishes that we offer here at The Furniture Guild. It’s bold and flashy with just the right amount of class. But its glamours look isn’t the only reason this finish is special. When considering using Burnished Brass on your vanity, there is […]

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All About that Brass

Metal in the bathroom is all the rage these days. From smooth, matte black finishes to cool chromes, everywhere you look, there is some form of metal accent integrated into bathroom design. But there is one metal in particular that is is timeless as it is classy. It’s a metal […]

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Burnished Brass

It’s true, all that glitters is gold. However, most people can’t afford to decorate their entire house, let alone a single room, in this precious metal. So since, most of us aren’t filthy rich, we have to look to other alternatives to get that glitzy gold look. The best way […]

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