Metal Inlay

There is something about metal that really dresses up the look of a vanity. The added glitz and glam of something shinning and sparkling really catches the eye and can take something already beautiful and elevate it even more. That’s why we created and entire line of vanities that incorporate metal into the design. But there is one type of metal integration that is so elegant and stunning that we believe should be available for every vanity we create – our metal inlay.

We began using metal inlays on our Lydia and Henley vanities. We created a delicate 1/4″ inch metal trim around the door faces. it adds a sophisticated and stylish touch that brings even more class to a classy vanity. It’s so classy in fact that we decided that all of our vanities should be able to dress up with this gorgeous option. Each piece of trim is handmade right here in our production plant. Our metal welders take the time to ensure that each piece is cut to our high quality standards before being integrated onto the vanity.

Our metal inlay option is available in all of our metal finishes including polished nickle as well as matte black finish. This stunning metal option is sure to make you vanity stand out and make a statement. Head over to out website and download our new 2020 price book to see all of the amazing options we provide!

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