Mirror, Mirror on the Vanity

Mirrors have long been used as a design tool, aimed at enhancing a room and creating the feeling of space. And in terms of bathrooms, mirrors are typically applied to the walls via a stylish design or medicine cabinet. We like to think mirrors shouldn’t be limited to their traditional locations. That’s why we created a handful of bathroom vanities that incorporate mirrors on their door/drawer faces. With the integrations of mirrors in these designs, not only are we broadening the horizon of bathroom design but we are expanding the amount of options available to customize your dream vanity.

As magnificent as these mirrored designs are, they can pose a rather…awkward situation. If your bathroom layout has your vanity facing your toilet, you are left with a reflection that most people don’t want to see. To avoid that unwanted image we offer an antique mirror upgrade. The antique mirror upgrade trades out the traditional clear mirror with one that has been distressed, making the reflection distorted while adding a certain charm to the overall look of the vanity. This not only elevates the style but helps alleviate any awkward situation that might arise from the vanity’s placement.

In addition, our five mirrored designs incorporate beautifully crafted wooden frames that add a touch of elegance to the vanity. These unique frames are hand cut by one of our expert craftsmen, guaranteeing that your piece is one of a kind. But what if you choose a vanity, let’s say a Thomas, and you aren’t a big fan of the wooden frame but absolutely love the base of the vanity? Instead of turning to a custom design, you can opt for a door style change. This option allows you to switch out the style of frame for another so you can have the vanity of your dreams.

We think mirrors are a brilliant and classy way to dress up a vanity. And like all of our designs, we think you should be able to customize them as much as you want, whether that is adding an antique mirror upgrade or changing out your door/drawer framing. Visit our website to take a look at our other options for enhancing your bathroom vanity.

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