Campaign Inlay

As creators, we are always looking for new and interesting ways to make our vanities the very best. Because of this, we have implicated a whole host of metal accents to make of designs stand out among the rest. We have metal framing, metal bases, and even metal inlay. In fact our metal inlay option is so popular that we have built on the original concept to bring you something new, our Campaign inlay.

Riva in White Acrylic with Campaign Inlay in Satin Brass

Campaign inlay is very similar to our traditional metal inlay in that it features a slender 1/4″ metal trim that is inset on the drawers/doors of any of our vanities. However, the difference between Campaign inlay and the traditional metal inlay lies in the corners. The corners of the traditional metal inlay are mitered to give it a clean and elegant look. With Campaign inlay, we have developed a more decorative corner to give the overall vanity a bolder design.

Left: Campaign Inlay with Slotted Screw Corners / Right: Campaign Inlay with Knurled Screw Corners

We offer two corner designed with the Campaign inlay: slotted screw and knurled screw. Like our traditional inlay, this new metal accent comes in all of our offered metal finishes and is available on all of our vanity designs. You can even mix and match metal finishes with our Campaign inlay to create a look that is unique to you.

Along with the creation of the Campaign inlay, we have also created a matching hardware option called our Campaign bar pull. Available in both a slotted screw and knurled screw option, this bar pull features a solid brass back plate that can be mounted with the inlay or offset on the drawer/door face.

Check out our 2020 price book now available to download on our website to learn more about this beautiful option!

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