The Angolo

Contrary to what most people might think, modern design doesn’t really mean what is currently in style. In fact, modern design has very little to do with contemporary trends at all. Modern design is type of style that originated in the early to mid 20th century and was heavily influenced by Germanic and Scandinavian design. It was, like most art, a revolt against the common styles of that time, which was ornate to the max. Before modern design came along, everything was highly stylized and overly dramatic which is why modern design is the exact opposite.

Modern design is all about clean lines and minimalist features, a direct rebuttal of the Gothic and Victorian style that had ruled the design world. Its about making a statement without saying much. Typical elements of modern design include neutral colors, mixed elements (like wood, metals, and plastic), and simplicity. Modern design truly embraces the concept less is more.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what does this have to do with anything? The title says “The Angolo” but you haven’t said anything about it. Well, to understand the Angolo, you need to understand modern design. Because as it happens, the Angolo is a hallmark of modern design. See, there is a method to the madness.

Our Angolo vanity has everything you need for a pure modern design. It has the clean lines, it has the natural tone, and if you utilize some of our upgrades, you can get that beautiful mix of materials. Like our Avalon vanity, the Angolo is a two drawer configuration but the top drawer face is slightly smaller than the bottom, creating a unique look that keeps the eye moving.  The Angolo also features mitered corners and continuous horizontal grain that gives it a crisp, clean look.

Unique to the Angolo is the integrated finger pulls. The tops of each drawer face are equipped with a beveled edge that eliminates the need for hardware. But its sharp look and dedicated modern design isn’t the only thing that makes the Angolo an amazing bathroom vanity. This bad boy maximizes storage space with a shallow top drawer for your smaller items and deeper bottom drawer for your bigger bathroom essentials.

The Angolo is available in multiple configurations, sizes, and finishes so you can create the perfect modern vanity that is just right for you. To lean more about the wondrous Angolo vanity, head on over to our website! Or if you are already sold, try out our configurator and start designing your Angolo!

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