For the Love of Walnut

We here at The Furniture Guild believe in elegance in the highest form, it’s evident in all that we do. And what better way to showcase this love for sophistication than by the use of walnut in our designs? Because let me tell you, walnut is very classy.

So what is it that makes walnut so special? Well if you are of the Pennsylvania Dutch variety, a group of walnut trees growing together symbolizes good soil fertility. Or perhaps you are more interested in the different myths about the magical properties of the walnut tree. There are some that believe that the naturally occurring juglone – a chemical that oxidizes the soil and prevents anything from growing near it – gives the tree expelling properties. What exactly you need to have expelled, well, we’ll leave that up to you. But, in a more fitting sense, there are quite a few stories about walnuts holding small things that might get lost. As a furniture company, we like that little bit.

All these reasons are pretty cool but that’s not why we love it so much.

In truth, walnut is just a beautiful species of wood. Plain and simple. As the only native dark wood to North America, walnut has a rich, deep chocolate color with a purplish hue. It’s often straight grain is sometimes interspersed with waves and curls that bring character and charm to any piece.

With all the different types of the wood in the world, walnut is by far the best. We use it in five of our finishes and offer a walnut drawer upgrade to any of our designs. Any use of walnut is guaranteed to instantly improve the look and quality of your vanity.

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