Bathroom Trends – Contrasting Finishes

For a long time, having everything match was seen as the only appropriate way to decorate a space. All furniture pieces needed to be in same finish and everything needed to complement each other seamlessly. While having pieces that complement one another is still essential to design, having everything match perfectly is no longer necessary. Contrasting finishes in both wood and metal are making waves in the design world and slowly but surely becoming less of a trend and more of a design stable.

Contrasting finishes can completely change the look of a room. It can bring a level of warmth to a modern design or even a flair of contemporary to traditional style. Regardless of how it’s used, it adds much needed variation to keep the room looking interesting. This can be done in two ways when it comes to a bathroom: vanity finishes and metal finishes.

Left: Corrado in White Acrylic and Rosewood / Right: Turino in Cerused Oak and White Acrylic

Not only is contrasting vanity finishes a current trend but an option that we offer for most of our vanities. It allows you to choose more than one finish to complete the over all look. This option looks best on our Corrado, Turino, and Touro vanities but can be applied to most of our 400 series vanities. Finished with mix of White Acrylic and one of our exotic woods like Rosewood and you’ll have a striking vanity that is both beautiful and on trend.

Of course, the contrasting finish trend isn’t exclusive to just the vanity color. The metal hardware, sink faucet, and mirror finishes can also be mixed to create a contrasting look. Pair one of our metal incorporated vanities like the Avant, finished in Oil Can with a Brass faucet and you have a stylish and classic look. Mixing a lighter sheen metal with a bolder, darker look creates a refreshing look that will make your whole space pop.

Left: Avant in Reclaimed Oak and Oil Can / Right: Avento in Ottawa Beige FENIX and Antiqued Brass

However you plan to mix and match in your bathroom, choosing a contrasting finish is sure to make your bathroom unique.

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