Vanity Showdown: Double Sink vs Single Sink

We’ve mentioned before in an earlier post that when choosing the right vanity for your space, you might need to decide between a double sink and a single sink vanity. While this still remains to be true, we thought we’d dive a little deeper into the double sink verses single sink debate.

In this corner, clocking in with a standard width range of 60 to 70 inches we have the double sink vanity and in this corner with a small but mighty standard width rage of 24 to 48 inches is the single sink vanity. Let’s get ready to rumble!

To get this fight going, we are first going to take a look at the double sink vanity. A double sink vanity is ideal for a master bath or a Jack and Jill bathroom. The two sinks allow for two people to use the vanity at once, which is perfect if you have more than one person using the space. In addition, a double sink vanity has more storage space, essentially eliminating the need to store bathroom items on the countertops. And to top it all off, having a double sink vanity can increase your home value if you ever plan to sell, later on down the road.

The down side of a double sink vanity is the need for double the plumbing. If you are switching from a single sink vanity to a double sink vanity, it can carry a hefty price tag to install the additional hardware. And having two sinks means you now have another thing to clean, which can be bothersome to those of us who don’t enjoy cleaning the bathroom.

Now with a single sink vanity you’ll lose the flexibility that comes with two sinks but if you aren’t sharing your bathroom with anyone, this won’t be a problem. Single sink vanities can also be easier to install because you won’t have to add any new plumbing. And if the bathroom you are creating is small or is only a half bath, a single sink vanity would fit better. However, you can easily outfit a master bathroom with two single sink vanities to create the look of a double sink vanity without actually having one.

But like all things, there are some drawbacks that come with a single sink vanity. If you share a bathroom with someone a single sink vanity is not for you, unless you like fighting over sink space. And depending on the size you choose for your single sink vanity, you can lose out on much needed under sink storage.

Now, there are some special cases when it comes to single sink vanities. For example, we offer configurations that take the single sink beyond the standard 24 to 48 inches, making it as big as a double sink vanity without the addition of the actual sink. When you think about it, there aren’t that many cons to a single sink vanity.

So it all comes down to one thing-do you like sharing? If you have more than one person using a bathroom at a time, a double sink vanity is the way to go. Adding the extra plumbing is a necessary evil to combat the inevitable fighting. But if it’s just you, you’ll be better off with a single sink vanity.

Double sink or single sink, in the end it all comes down to you and your personal preferences. Visit our website to check out all of our designs and find the perfect vanity for you!

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