The Furniture Guild

Maple of My Eye

Who doesn’t like the sweeter things in life? Like ice cream on a hot day or getting to leave work early on a Friday? They are instant mood lifters. Well our mood lifts when we look at the sweetest wood around, maple. When most people think of maple, their first […]

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Feeling Oak-ey Dokey

Just picture it, sitting at the base of a massive oak tree on beautiful summer day, watching the light dance between the upward reaching branches – it sounds pretty darn peaceful doesn’t it? Like all you need is some lemonade, a good book, and you are go to go. There […]

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For the Love of Walnut

We here at The Furniture Guild believe in elegance in the highest form, it’s evident in all that we do. And what better way to showcase this love for sophistication than by the use of walnut in our designs? Because let me tell you, walnut is very classy. So what is it […]

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