It don’t Mean a Thing if it ain’t got that Stain

Here at The Furniture Guild, we offer many different ways to finish your vanity whether it be a bold automotive finish of a sophisticated reclaimed wood. Each are unique and beautiful in their own right but sometimes what you need is something a little more subtle. That’s where our stains come in. Available on our 100, 200, and 500 series, we offer eight beautiful stains that are sure to make the vanity of your choice look downright stunning.

But what are stains? Well, stains are a type of paint that is used to color wood. They are not your typical paint that simply covers the wood but rather, stains color the wood by soaking pigments into the fibers of the wood with a solvent. They help to bring out the natural beauty of the wood while offering an extra layer of protection that you won’t find with regular old paint. Stains help to protect the wood from ultraviolet light which helps prevent the wood from losing its color. Additionally, since the stain soaks into the wood, it helps to make the wood more resistant to water.

Our stains are applied to maple and finished with a formaldehyde free conversion varnish. We also only use AWI rated, level 5 marine grade finishes to protect the wood. Typically, wood and water don’t get along very well but by using these high quality finishes we can ensure that your vanity will be protected from any water damage. But as always, wipe up any spills immediately and never leave any standing water on your vanity to keep your furniture looking as beautiful as the day it arrived. And because we always strive for the best, all of our stain finishes are Greenguard certified for indoor air quality.

So not only do our stains give the vanities a beautiful and subtle elegance but they protect you and the wood. To see our stains and all of our finishes, head over to our website or try out our configurator and start planning your dream vanity today!


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