2022 Bathroom Trends

We don’t know about you but it seemed like 2021 was here and gone in a blink of an eye and wow what a busy year it was! Now it’s time to look to the future and what this new year has in store for the design world. Check out our list of what we expect to see in 2022!

With more and more people working from home,  design had to become much more than just fashionable, it had to have a purpose, it had to be functional. This growing trend blends style with usability and it is highlighted in the bathroom (one of the most functional focused rooms in the house). We expect to see more vanities that offer plentiful storage without sacrificing style.


2022 is the year the bathroom design world takes a walk on the wild side. After all, we think everyone all deserves to let loose and have a little fun and the bathroom is the perfect (if unexpected) place to do it. We expect to see a lot of eye catching elements like bold hardware, chunky countertops, and unique metal detailing all over the place. We also expect to see uncommon materials like concrete make some waves because 2022 is all about bringing the flair to your space!


Following on the heels bold details, we expect to see color making an impact this year. This means pops of bright colors on you vanities, statement tile that showcases color and texture, and contrasting finishes like mixing metals or dark and light. There are thousands of ways you can include color in your bathroom designs that goes beyond simply painting your wall and we think we will see a lot of creative color ideas in 2022.

This next trend is something that we here at the Furniture Guild have been doing for a while now so it makes us pretty excited to see it on the rise. Mixing textures like wood, metal, and tile is one of our favorite things to do and it seems to be taking the design world by storm. Wood and metal elements are becoming more and more popular and it’s not hard to see why. The contrast in the materials creates an eye catching look that will withstand the test of time.

The final trend we expect to see is the return of organic materials. Things like natural wood and organic tones will be taking the spotlight, especially in the bathroom. While an all white bath might look clean, the addition of a wood vanity adds a softness and natural feel. It invigorates the space and brings warmth to a sterile environment.

Like any new year, 2022 holds a lot of promise for design and we can’t wait to see it all! Need some inspiration? Check out our Instagram page to see our vanities in the wild!

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