Bathroom Trends – White Bathrooms

There is no denying that black is back when it comes to popular bathroom trends. But that doesn’t mean that its contrasting counterpart is out for good. When it comes to the color white, you can’t go wrong. Just like black, white is a timeless classic that can never go out of style.

So what is it about the clean and fresh color that makes it a constant bathroom trend? For one, it’s versatile. Using the color white in your bathroom opens up so many design doors, giving you a blank canvas to bring all your dreams to life. A white vanity like our Avalon in white FENIX or a glossy white Acrylic paired with sleek subway tiles or marbled walls lends itself perfectly to a textural paradise.

Left: Avalon with Integrated Finger Pull in While Acrylic / Right: Parker in White

And it works effortlessly with just about every type of design style. Want to capture the perfect farmhouse look? Our Sienna or Hayden vanity finished in a simple coat of matte white paint and oil can hardware will do the trick. Prefer a more minimalist style? Our Verso Short or Sydney vanities finished in White Lacquer are just the thing you need. Whatever your style design is, white works.

Verso Short in White Acrylic

However, your bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be white to fit into this trend. White walls and white flooring can easily give off a sterile, unwelcoming vibe. To prevent that from happening without losing the freshness that comes with the trend, choose a vanity that has been finished in a warm and natural stain like our Briar or Toffee stains. Or if you are more daring, try something like French Walnut or Natural Reclaimed Oak to bring a sense of earthiness and warmth to the room.

VanWort Residence for Timeline Design by Dean Birinyi / Verso Tall in Natural Walnut

But white bathrooms are so much more than just a blank space to fill. An added benefit of utilizing white, especially in a smaller bathroom, is the illusion of created space. The color’s bright, reflective nature gives any space the feeling of being more open and airy. When you use white in your space, paired with a wall mounted vanity like our Melbourne or Angolo vanities, you are opening up floor space and giving the room a lighter, more spacious feel.

Whether you choose to go white from ceiling to floor and  every inch in between or you decided to break up your space with a pop of natural wood, a white bathroom is a timeless trend that will only get better with age!


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