What’s the Difference? Avalon and Tempo

Our Avalon and Tempo vanity designs are often times confused for one another. And it’s not hard to see why. At first glance, they look almost identical. But there is one key feature that sets these two stunning vanities apart.

The Avalon and Tempo designs both have a two drawer system however, it’s the drawers fronts that create the distinction between the two vanities. The Avalon features a full overlay drawer. This means that the drawers of the vanity cover the full face frame of the cabinet. Full overlay is a great design look when your are going for something minimal because it helps to reduce the look of lines on the overall vanity.

Now the Tempo vanity is missing this drawer feature. Instead, the Tempo has inset drawers. This means that the drawer sides are visible on the front of the vanity. Whereas the Avalon with its full overlay drawers eliminated lines, the Tempo with its inset drawers create lines, adding to the textural and visual depth of the room.

The difference between the two vanities are very small but can make a big impact in your space depending on the design you are aiming for. See more of the Avalon and Tempo vanities on our website or try out our configurator and start designing your dream vanity today!

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