Metal Framing and Banding

Our love for metal knows no bounds. Any chance we get to use it into our designs we are going to take it. We have a whole line of metal incorporated vanities like our popular Winston and Alton designs. We even offer options like metal bases and metal inlay to upgrade your vanity. Another one of these options that we have is our metal framing.

Designed for our 400 series vanities with full overlay drawers, this stylish option puts beautiful 1″ metal framing around the drawers. With mitered corners, you get a bold and clean look that is sure to elevate your space. This option is available in all eight of our metal finishes including Burnished Brass and Matte Black.

Metal Framing Option close up

The metal framing option is for those who love to make a statement. The bold metal stands out, drawing the eye in. It’s flashy without being too ostentatious. Go big by pairing a bight Burnished Brass framing with a custom Navy finish or keep things elegant with Satin Nickel and White Acrylic. Either way, you are going to have one jaw dropping vanity.

But metal framing isn’t where it ends. Recently, we launched our new Furniture Guild Home collection and with it, a new metal feature that is just as elegant and classy as our framing: metal banding. We’ve used metal banding before on our Josie vanity, thin metal trim that surrounds each drawer giving it a sleek and modern profile. Whereas our metal framing option completely surrounds the drawer so that is it visible on the drawer face, our metal banding option sits on top of the drawer and is not visible on the drawer face. It is a subtle look that will give any furniture piece a Mid Century Modern feel.

Metal Banding Option close up

To see all of our amazing vanity options head over to our website. Or check out or configurator to start planning your dream vanity today!

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