Heirloom Quality

One of the many things we pride ourselves on here at The Furniture Guild is our commitment to produce and deliver the very best quality of products. That’s why we make all of our bathroom furniture to exacting heirloom quality. But what is heirloom quality really about? What does it mean in terms of product?

An heirloom, by definition is a piece of property or something of special value that has been handed down from one generation to another. In terms of heirloom quality, the definition is often applied to furniture of house hold items that can be passed down through the generations. So to be considered a work of true heirloom quality, the furniture in question must be built from the finest of materials and crafted in such a way that it will withstand the test of time.

Most of the bathroom vanities you find in big box stores are often times devoid of any trace of heirloom quality. They are made cheaply and quickly and more often than not, last for a few short years before needing to be replaced. It is an unfortunate downside to mass production and convenience. And thanks to the economical drive to create a never ending cycle of supply and demand, it’s a downside that makes finding long lasting, handcrafted furniture hard to come by.

So if mass production and cheap quality is the prevailing theme in the industry, why bother with creating heirloom quality furniture at all? Well for us, it’s personal. We are a company comprised of artist and because of this, we take our trade very seriously. We will never cut corners and we never use low grade materials because we take pride in our work. What we create on a daily basis, from start to finish, has been designed with style, functionality, and longevity in mind. We take the time to do it right, not fast. It is out passion and for that reason, we believe that creating vanities to exacting heirloom quality is the only acceptable way to do things.

It’s a high standard to hold oneself to but, it’s a standard that we are happy to strive for.

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