Edge Pull

When you are designing the perfect minimalist bathroom or just want a clean and refined look, there are a few elements that are needed. First you need to find the right color palate and accents that will bring the room to life. Then of course, you need a stunning vanity complete with perfectly fitting hardware. But if you are going for a minimal and clean look, shouldn’t you avoid hardware? Not necessarily. There is a way to include hardware on your stylishly simplistic vanity without cluttering up or detracting from the look. How? With out edge pull hardware of course!


Our edge pull hardware option is a sleek and minimal design that brings an understated elegance to any vanity. It provides a necessary function but in such a way that it is unobtrusive. One thing that makes the edge pull so special and unique is how it sits on the drawer or door of the vanity. To achieve this sleek and clean look, the tops of the drawers/doors are mortised or recessed slightly so that the hardware can sit snugly on top. This helps streamline the overall look of the vanity by adding a sleek metal protrusion that doesn’t clutter up the drawer face of the vanity.

While the edge pull looks amazing on a minimalist vanity like our Avalon, where it truly shines is when it is added to our Josie vanity. The Josie is less minimal and more mid-century modern but because of the thin metal framing around the drawers, the edge pull fits in seamlessly, creating a sleek and continuous line.

Josie in Black with Satin Brass

Whichever vanity you choose to order our edge pull hardware for, you are guaranteed to have a stunning vanity. Head over to our website to see all of our hardware options and start designing your dream vanity today!

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