Antique Brass

They say good things come with time but sometimes, we don’t want to wait. This can be said for a number of things and that’s why things like next day delivery and curbside pickup exist – we live for instant gratification. The same can be said for metal finishes. Now, I know that’s not normally where your mind jumps to when you think of waiting for something amazing. But hear us out.

There is a whole world of beautiful metal finishes and most of the time, these finishes are created over time due to natural factors like oxidation and the weather. But if you are searching for the perfect metal finish to complete your look, you might not have the time to wait for mother nature to do her thing. That’s why, with the help of human ingenuity and a massive dose of impatience, techniques have been developed to create the look of aged beauty without all the waiting. A perfect example of this, is our antique brass finish.

Avento in Ottawa Beige FENIX and Antique Brass

Antique brass is raw brass that has been chemically darkened to simulate the look of aged brass. It has a beautifully warm, low luster look that is very close to natural brass. With a medium brown coloring and golden overtones, antique brass has a richness and a unique character that makes it stand out among the other brass finishes.

This unique finish works perfectly in a vintage or Victorian style bath but paired with the right panel finish, it can bring depth to a modern look. We offer our antique brass finish on all of out metal integrated vanities, metal bases, inlay, and hardware. Try out our configurator to see your dream vanity come to life. No waiting needed!

Avant in Ottawa Beige FENIX and Antique Brass

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