Josie Desk

Earlier this summer we introduced a new line of products called Furniture Guild Home. For this new collection, we took some of our most popular vanity designs and transformed them into pieces for the whole home. One of these designs was our Josie design. We created nightstands, dressers, media consoles, and one of our favorites, the Josie desk.

In a time when most people are working from home or are partaking in virtual schooling, a desk is quickly becoming a necessity. And if you plan on spending most of your day there working, why not do it in style with our Josie Desk? This desk is elegant in every sense of the word. From the delicate metal banding around the drawers to the long and slender hairpin legs this desk will make working feel like a fancy affair.

Just like the vanity, the desk is available in our A stains and paint, our B wood, and all eight of our metal finishes. A fun addition to our Home line is the different options for tops. You can outfit your desk with any of our standard tops like Guildstone, Quartz, Fenix, or Stone or you can go for a more traditional wood top. Add things like our Glass Divider system to keep things tidy or even take things to the next level and add our Internal Light option.

When it comes to working from home you want your space to be as unique and functional as can be. Using our Josie Desk as you work space will not only provide the functionality that you need while looking amazing. Head over to our website to see all of the designs available in our Home collection!

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