Nothing but Nightstands

If you haven’t heard the wonderful news, we have a brand spanking new product line called Furniture Guild Home. That’s right, Furniture Guild products for the whole home, each piece made by hand with all the attention to detail and dedication to functionality and design that we are known for. We have taken a handful of some of our most popular designs and transformed them into beautiful furniture pieces that will look great in every room of your house.

621-51 Avento Closed Nightstand finished in Antique Brass and Ottawa Beige Fenix with a Fenix Top

With the introduction to our new Home line comes a wide range of furniture pieces, including Nightstands. Now, Nightstand are what some would consider an integral part of the bedroom. They act as a perfect catch all for all of your knick-nacks. They are the home of your phone and alarm clock or a perfect place to store a trusty journal for when those dream induced ideas like to strike. Nightstands are great for holding all types of things you want to have close by so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your bed. In short, Nightstands are essentially the most important piece of bedroom furniture, excluding the bed.

Which is why Nightstands were one of the first pieces we designed for our Home line. We offer two types of Nightstands, Open Nightstands and Closed Nightstands. Open Nightstands include one drawer for storage and an open shelf. The open shelf if perfect for displaying decor pieces, a great place to keep throw blankets, or a place to keep all those books you’ve been meaning to read. Even better, the open shelf can provide a sense of space if your bedroom in question is on the smaller side.

Our Closed Nightstands include three drawers that are idea for storing things like an idea journal, chocolate you want to hide from your kids, cough drops, or even a first aid kit. However you use your Nightstand, you can’t go wrong with one of our Open or Closed pieces.

But perhaps the best thing about our new Nightstands are all the upgrade features you can add on to your furniture. Pick from handy things like our Glass Divider system to keep those drawer nice and organized or add a power option so you can keep your phone charged without having to look at all those messy wires. We have other upgrades and options to keep your Nightstand unique to you like or Campaign Inlay or Custom Color option. Whatever your style is, we can make it happen.

430-52 Fresco Open Nightstand finished in Textured Ashlin with one 8″ DBAR Pull in Polished Nickel

Be sure to check out our website to see all of Nightstand designs and other furniture in our Home line. And if you find your perfect piece, don’t wait, order it right from our website! No showroom needed! Start building your dream room today!

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