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When we first got our start, way back in 1984, we made just about everything under the sun. Tables, chairs, armories – you name it, we made it. Since then, we shifted our focus to bathroom furniture and it has served us well. With over 40 unique and ground breaking designs, The Furniture Guild has  become one of the leaders in high end, luxury bathroom furniture. Our attention to detail and dedication to create the very best in hand crafted furniture is a cornerstone of our company.  When you purchase a vanity or medicine cabinet from The Furniture Guild, you know you are getting the very best the industry has to offer. And with so much success in the field of bathroom design, why should we stop there? After all, we did get our start making high quality furniture for the whole home. So we hatched a plan and got started designing. That’s right, The Furniture Guild is getting back to our roots.

Introducing, Furniture Guild Home, new from The Furniture Guild.

Josie 6 Drawer Dresser finished in Satin Brass and French Walnut with a Flush White Matte Guildstone Top with a 2.0″ Edge Profile

We have taken a handful of our most popular vanity designs and transformed them into a versatile furniture collection that is perfect for the whole home. And like all of our bath products, each furniture piece is made from high quality materials by a single craftsmen, so you know you are getting a beautiful work of art that will last a lifetime.

Our new Home line includes designs like our Winston with its striking metal framing and our Josie with it’s classic Mid Century Modern profile and handcrafted metal legs. Each piece is given the same level of attention to detail you would expect from the Furniture Guild and carries with it the expectation and functionality of a top of the line furniture.

Avento Closed Nightstand finished in Ottawa Beige Fenix and Antique Brass and a Flush Fenix Top with a 2.0″ Edge Profile.

Additionally, our Home line includes the same amount of customization and optional upgrades that we are famous for. Our Glass Divider system is available to be added to nearly all of our Home designs and makes a great option for one of our nightstands. Custom color match, walnut drawer upgrades, and so much more are at your disposal to ensure that your furniture reflects your style. And with a wide range of design styles, finish options, and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect piece for you.

One of the best things about our new line is, you don’t have to seek out a showroom to start designing your piece. All Furniture Guild Home products are available to purchase directly from our website – no showroom needed!

Riva 6 Drawer Dresser finished in Bromo Grey Fenix with six Campaign Bar Pulls in Satin Brass, Campaign Inlay in Satin Brass, Metal Base #2 in Satin Brass, and a Flush White Matte Guildstone Top with a 2.0″ Edge Profile

If you haven’t already, take a look at our new website and start shopping our new Home collection today!

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