November Mood Board

Autumn is in full swing here in Georgia and one of our favorite things to do in fall is take a trip up to the mountains. There is something about that fresh mountain air and the colorful leaves that fills you with so much life. It makes you want to spend every tucked away in a secluded cabin, far away from worldly troubles.

Sounds nice doesn’t?  Well, we all know that isn’t the most achievable dream but at least we can dream it right? And even if we can’t all quit our jobs and become mountain people for the rest of our lives, we can create a space that fills us with the spirit of mountain living. So we put our heads together and thought about what kind of mountain inspired bath would we want in our space. This is what we came up with:

When it comes to mountain or cabin themed baths, it’s easy to fall into the kitschy trap of plaids and moose themed decor. But when you take a step back and actually look at the elements that make up most of these designs you can avoid the decorating pits falls. To make a sophisticated and modern mountain bath we went for an industrial vibe but still kept it rooted in nature. Our vanity of choice is our Avant vanity (#1) finished in Matte Black and Natural Reclaimed Oak with Samuel Heath faucets (#2). The metal touches on the vanity bring the industrial punch while the warm, natural tones of the wood finish keep it grounded. This model boasts a White Matte Guildstone Top but we think that our Black Fenix countersink would look just as stunning.

From there we chose this stunning Nature Round Pebble Pram Grey Mosaic tile by Tile Bar (#6) for a wall application. The soothing greys and tans fit in perfectly with the Reclaimed Oak finish and the subtle purples of our color palette. Now we know that purple is not your mountain color. People tend to gravitate towards greens and reddish browns but we think you should always walk on the wild side. And, the greyish purple hues really help bring out the color of the tile and make the vanity pop.

For the flooring, we chose a gorgeous Ashford Soft Chestnut Wood Plank (#5) wood look tile from Floor & Decor. The richness of the wood is bold and works with the matte black finish on the vanity and the light fixture. To help bring out the industrial feel we went with this masterpiece from Circa Lighting (#4). Paired with our Frameless Medicine Cabinet (#3) these two beauties create a sharp contrast to the natural vibes of the wood finishes and pebble tile, creating the perfect balance between man made and all natural.

For out second look we wanted to take the elegance up a notch while still being rooting in nature. The best way to do this is with a beautiful slab of Artistic Tile’s Alexandrita Brazilian quartzite (#5). The mossy green of the stone would make an excellent statement wall and evokes images of a springtime forest. Paired with our Corrado vanity (#1) finished in French Walnut and sporting Satin Brass DBAR pulls, you get an earthy feel that is beyond luxurious.

With a statement wall like that, you really don’t want to overpower it so for the flooring we chose a nice light wood look tile (#6) that complements the stone and vanity perfectly. Add a few more glamorous touches with a stunning nature inspired light fixture from Circa Lighting (#4) and a simple yet elegant mirror from Mirror Image (#3) to complete the look. We also wanted to keep things light by going with a subtle green palette that doesn’t compete with the quartzite.

Both of our mountain inspired mood boards have three things in common: muted colors, bold tile, and you guessed it, fabulous vanities. When it comes to creating a dreamy mountain bath getaway, there are countless ways to design it. These are just two options that can transform your space into a place that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all year long. Tell us in the comments how you would design your ideal mountain bath!

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom we hope you’ll be able to find some inspiration in our mood boards! Check out our Instagram page to get more design inspiration or stop by our website and peruse our galleries!

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