Living Finishes

Burnished Brass is one of the many metal finishes that we offer here at The Furniture Guild. It’s bold and flashy with just the right amount of class. But its glamours look isn’t the only reason this finish is special. When considering using Burnished Brass on your vanity, there is one thing you need to know before you decide to go with this vibrant metal.

Burnished Brass is what we call a living finish. A living finish is defined as a finish that will change as time goes on. They are subject to things like weather, water, and air – especially in a bathroom which is already a volatile environment. Our Burnished Brass finish is waxed but un-lacquered so it will change over time. A patina (a greenish brown film that occurs on certain types of metal due to oxidation) will develop on the metal creating a unique and often times beautiful look.

But like any high quality product, Burnished Brass needs a little TLC. To prevent your metal from changing (and even if you do like the look of the patina) we highly suggest you polish this little beauty to help it keep its lustrous shine. While cleaning can be a cumbersome task we like to think of this as a nice spa day for your vanity. And who doesn’t enjoy a face mask every once and awhile? Burnished Brass is no different, it just needs a quick little shine and it will be looking good as new!

Don’t let the fear of taking care of a living finish scare you away from Burnished Brass. But you do need to be aware of what you are getting into when ordering a vanity that includes a living finish. It might require a little more upkeep but we promise the pay off with be worth it!

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