Our Favorite Vanities of 2020

2020 has been a crazy year and we are beyond ready to see what 2021 has in store. But through all the mess that was last year, we still got some awesome shots of our vanities. We combed through our Instagram feed and picked out some of the best Furniture Guild vanities that came out of 2020. Check them out!

Chelsea || Silverstream || @denafeintuchinteriors

Why we love it: The Chelsea has a timeless design that is just so sweet and elegant. Finished in Silverstream, it works beautifully with the brass accents and plays off the texture in the wallpaper and flooring. The Chelsea is a perfect fit for this powder room!

Hayden || Granite Walnut || Credit

Why we love it: In our opinion, you simply cannot go wrong with the Hayden. So why not go for two? These twin Haydens with accompanying makeup bridge finished in Granite Walnut and with Polished Nickel Ring Pulls really tie this stunning master bath together. We love how they act as a focal point against the glossy wall tile.

Winston || Black Oak and Burnished Brass || @donnamondiinteriordesign & @wrsphoto

Why we love it: The Winston vanity is all about making a statement and in this bath, it shines. The Black Oak and Burnished Brass finish pair so well with the glossy wall paint and fabulous light fixtures. This bath is a true showstopper!

Avant || Reclaimed Oak and Oil Can || @designbossgina

Why we love it: Our Avant vanity finished in Natural Reclaimed Oak really brings home the cabin vibes in this cozy master bath. The Matte Black metal touches blend seamlessly with the black tile of the shower and really elevate the whole space.

Avalon || Rosewood || @annaodesign

Why we love it: Rosewood is one of our most exotic finishes and we absolutely adore how it looks in this masculine and modern bath. Paired with our Black Fenix Countersink and Matte Black Pulls, the Avalon demands your attention and looks down right amazing!

Angolo || Walnut || @thesvmhome

Why we love it: This bath is just soft and classy, we can’t see how you wouldn’t fall in love with it. From the flooring to the unique lighting, this bath is just gorgeous and our Angolo vanity finished in Walnut looks right at home.

Riva || Champaign Acrylic || @vergaradesignandconstruction

Why we love it: We are in love with how our Champaign Acrylic pops against the blue tile in this master bath. It’s clean, it’s fresh, and it’s a place we wouldn’t mind relaxing the day away in.

Josie || French Walnut and Satin Brass || @colanerijohn

Why we love it: Mid Century Modern is all the rage these days and our Josie Vanity fits that design to a T. The dark paneled wall against our French Walnut finish and mixed metal details bring life to this bath that is on trend and super stylish.

Paxton || White Fenix and Satin Brass || @nicoleforinahome & @andrewfraszphoto

Why we love it: As our wall mounted version of our Winston Vanity, this Paxton vanity stands out in this super chic and elegant bath. The Matte White Fenix finish looks amazing next to the tile walls and the Satin Brass tubing helps bring out the other gold details in the room.

Riva || White Acrylic and Polished Nickel || @ibkdesign

Why we love it: this bath is the definition of glamorous. The Polished Nickel accents, the bold White Acrylic finish, and the marble top and walls make this master bath a high class space that will make you feel like royalty every time you step into it.

Tempo || Natural Walnut || @destinationeichler

Why we love it: Finished in Natural Walnut, our Tempo vanity is another great example of the in fashion Mid Century Modern design style. We can’t think of a better vanity to fit in this space with the warm tone and clean lines, it’s a perfect match!

Avant || White Fenix and Satin Brass || @touzetstudio

Why we love it: Our Avant looks so clean and modern finished in White Fenix and Satin Brass and paired with our Black Fenix countersink. It adds just the right amount of drama in this high end, classy take on a beach front master bath.

With all these amazing designs that we saw last year, we cannot wait to see what the new year will bring! Check out our Instagram page to see more beautiful install photos and we hope you have a happy and healthy 2021!