Acrylic Finish

There is just something about glossy things that are inherently eye catching. Maybe it’s the perfect amount of shine or perhaps it’s the level of sophistication that is reflected in its polished surface. Whatever the reason my be, glossy things add a dramatic touch to whatever they are applied too. It’s because of this that we offer a high gloss acrylic finish option for your vanity so you can bring a distinctive flair to your space.

Avalon in Carbonite Acrylic

Our acrylic finishes are available on any of our 400 and 600 series vanities and offer an alternative to our high gloss automotive finish. These stunning finishes are constructed out of eco-friendly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or as it is most commonly known as, ABS. ABS is a high grade plastic polymer that is completely inert and hygienic. It is resistant to corrosive chemicals, physical impacts, and scratches making it durable and long lasting. Perfect for furniture that lives in a demanding and harsh environment like the bathroom.

Avalon in White Acrylic with Integrated Finger Pull

In addition to the acrylic’s overall strength there is of course, it’s beauty. These finishes come in a neutral but striking color palate, ranging from soft greys to bold blacks and whites. This makes our acrylic finishes perfect for just about any style of bathroom. Glam it up with Black acrylic and burnished brass on our Riva vanity with an added metal base or keep things clean and simple with a delicate Lunar Grey on our Avalon.

Riva in Black Acrylic with a Burnished Brass Metal Base

Whichever gorgeous acrylic finishes you choose, you are sure to have a stunning vanity. Check out our configurator to see just how amazing these finishes would look on your dream vanity!

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