What’s the Difference? Matte Paint and Automotive Finish

A common question that we often get asked by our customers is, what is the difference between our A Category Paint and our D Category Automotive Finish? At first glance, there might not seem to be any difference. Paint is paint right? Not even close. These two finish categories may seem like the same thing but we can assure you they are not.

Our A Category Paint is comprised of nine beautifully subtle matte paints that are exclusive to our 100/200 and 500 series designs. They are formaldehyde free, AWI rated level 5 marine grade, and Greengaurd certified for indoor air quality. These paints range from crisp clean white, moody and elegant greys, to a bold and dramatic navy. And its matte finish gives it a sophisticated look that goes perfectly with our designs.

Now, our D Category Automotive finish is in fact still paint, it is the process that sets it apart from the A Category and in the end, creates a whole new look. All of our D Category finishes go through a true automotive finish process, just as a car would. There are several steps that we take to create a beautiful lacquered surface including the inital painting, sanding, buffing, sanding again, polish, and clear coating. The end product is a highly reflective, super shiny surface that is sure to dazzle. Because of the intense process that goes into this finish, it is only available on our 400 and 600 series vanities. And like our A Category Paint, our Automotive finishes are formaldehyde free, AWI rated level 5 marine grade, and Greengaurd certified!

So the main difference in these two finishes are the end look and the process in how they are applied. Our A Category Paints have an elegant matte finish while our D Category Automotive has a super glossy finish. Both of these finishes look down right stunning on our designs and are sure to make your space look amazing. If you want to read more about our matte and automotive finishes, check out these articles!