The Edwin

When we think of something timeless yet modern, we instantly think of our Edwin vanity. This gorgeous piece is the perfect blend of old world techniques and new age design that creates something so stunning it takes our breath away. Let’s take a closer look into what makes the Edwin so perfect.

Edwin finished in Satin Brass and Granite Walnut

The Edwin, much like our popular Hayden design is built from solid wood construction. We utilize traditional wood working techniques such as mortis and tenon joinery to ensure that this vanity retains its heirloom status and will last a life time. The top drawer is false while the middle drawers are split for plumbing and the bottom two drawers pull out as one deep drawer. Even in it’s smallest configuration, the storage capabilities of the Edwin are nearly limitless. The middle drawer is perfect for holding small bathroom items like make up and Q-Tips, especially with our glass drawer divider system. And the deep drawer makes a wonderful home for our hair dryer power drawer or for storing tall items.

But unlike the Hayden vanity with it’s beautiful turned legs, the Edwin has something equally as beautiful and unique. The Edwin sits atop a wonderful handcrafted metal base. Now, metal bases are nothing new here for us at the Furniture Guild. We offer this handcrafted addition for all most all of our wall mounted vanities. However with the Edwin, the base is included and available in all eight of our metal finishes.

Edwin finished in Satin Brass and Matte Black

It is the metal base that makes the Edwin vanity stand out from the rest of our transitional pieces. The base is made from solid metal tubing of either brass or steal and seamlessly welded to form perfect sculpted corners by one of our in house welders. Each base is then finished and and polished to perfection before it is sent on its way to you. The incorporation of the base onto the classic design blends the modern look of one of our metal vanities with a more traditional look which in turn makes it an extremely versatile.

The Edwin is available in our Matte Paint, Stains, and B Wood finishes as well as all eight of our metal finishes. Popular finish pairings for the Edwin vanity are Satin Brass and Granite Walnut but other pairings that look phenomenal on our Edwin are Matte Black and Saint Brass as well as Matte White and Polished Nickel or Matte Navy and Burnished Brass. Check out our website to see all the sizes, configurations, and additional options you can add to create the perfect Edwin vanity for you!

Edwin finished in Polished Nickel and Granite Walnut

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