Everything is Coming Up Roses

A bathroom vanity is an important part of your daily life when you think about it. Often times, it is the place where you start and end your day or it can act as a peaceful retreat where you can slip away from the stress of the real world for a while. So creating a vanity that you love is paramount. That’s why we offer over fifty different and unique finishes available. We want you to be as creative as possible when creating your masterpiece and having all those options is never really a bad thing.

But perhaps some of our coolest and most beautiful finishes we offer are our exotic wood finishes. These gorgeous and striking wood finishes are only available on our 400 and 600 vanity series but they certainly make a statement when used. Out of all of the seven exotic wood finishes we offer, rosewood is by far one of the best.

Rosewood is a beautiful wood with a very unique and very distinct grain pattern. Its coarse grains are contrasted with a silky and smooth texture. The color of rosewood varies from orange/yellow to red/purple hues with black bars. Rosewood is a particularly strong wood and once it has been sealed, it rivals the strength of teak, a type of wood that is often times used for outdoor furniture or the decks of boats.

Because of its unusual coloring, rosewood is unlike any other wood finish we have and looks downright phenomenal on our vanities. This exotic finish is rich and vibrant, mesmerizing even. With the right amount of light, rosewood practically glows in beauty, a kaleidoscope of intense and captivating colors. Due to its unique grain pattern, no two pieces are the same, ensuring that your vanity is truly one of a kind.

Rosewood is a gorgeous wood finish through and through. Rich in color and design, this exotic wood is a beautiful choice for any bathroom that wants to feel like a peaceful retreat or luxurious space to start the day.


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