Meddling with Metal

For years, we have been known for our innovating designs for both transitional and contemporary vanities. But we have never been the type to settle. We are constantly pushing the limits of our creativity to deliver new and exciting products that elevate our signature style and design. So when the time came to expand our plant to fit our growing needs, we saw this as an opportunity to create a separate space for something we’ve had an eye on for a while, metal construction.

In the summer of 2016 we introduced the incorporation of metal into our Winston vanity. This shiny new model featured a seamless solid brass construction that paved the way for a whole new line of vanities sporting some fancy looking metal detailing.

Left: Paxton 605 / Top Right: Avant 620 / Bottom Right: Winston 610

What makes our metal design so awesome and unique from all the rest is, we make it all right here in our plant. We never outsource what can easily be made in house. We value creativity and when it comes to metal creations, we have the very best team imaginable. Our extraordinary team of master welders work day in and day out to create flawless designs, adding to our overall quality and commitment to be the very best. All of their hard work and commitment results in beautiful, one of a kind creations that are both stunning and elegant.

Since the incorporation of metal into our designs, the popularity has only grown. We do things like metal inlay with our Henley and Lydia vanities, metal framing on our 400 series, metal bases for most of our wall mounted vanities, and offer eight uniquely beautiful metal finishes to choose from.

Adding metal into our designs has only fed our fire to continue to evolve and create new designs that challenge us. Head over to our website to check out our sleek metal designs or create a vanity that is unique to you with our configurator!

Left: Henley 292 / Right: Lydia 293


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