Embracing Simplicity

Clean and simple designs are all the rage these days. People are trading in elaborate and lavish furniture pieces for raw materials and items that focus on simplicity. And bathrooms are no exception. Traditional bathroom vanities with their ornate and excessive features are becoming less and less popular. Sleeker and more modern designs are taking over, making minimalist vanities the next installment in our bathroom trends series.

Minimalist design got its start way back in the early 60s as a rejection to the growing commercialization of society. Designers wanted to break away from the traditional sense of style and eliminate excessive and overly decorative details to focus more on simplicity and functionality. The phrase “less is more” is often times attributed to this design style; taking away unnecessary element that serve no real purpose to the design and instead only adding things that are needed. This style is still very much alive and taking over just about every room in the house.

Left: Angolo in Gretano / Right: Avalon in White Acrylic

When it comes to bathroom vanities, applying the minimalistic look is pretty simple. The whole aspect of this design is built around the need for simple functionality, so clean lines and an unassuming design are important elements to have. Any of our 400 series vanities would work flawlessly in this style bathroom. While unique in their own right, our 400 series vanities encapsulate the streamlined and modern look of a minimalist bathroom.

And the benefits of having a minimalist vanity are nearly endless. The overall neutral driven color palate creates a relaxing atmosphere which is perfect for a bathroom and also helps the space feel bigger. Because of the lack of flashy elements, minimalist vanities are relatively low maintenance.

What makes minimalist vanities such a hot trend is how it lets you embrace the simplicity in life. Too often we are bogged down with the demands and stress of very day things. A minimalist design takes away the unnecessary strain of life and acts as a simplistic retreat that is both stylish and functional. To see all of our minimalist designs, jump on over to our website and take a look around!

Avalon in White Acrylic with Integrated Finger Pulls

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