Metal Bases

We love metal. But really, that’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Honestly, what is there not to love about sleek Polished Nickel or bright Burnished Brass in the bathroom? Metal makes everything it is added too sing. Because we love metal so much, we’ve developed a whole line of vanities that incorporate this precious element into the design. But, of course we didn’t stop there. We kept the metal train going by creating options to jazz  up a vanity including our sturdy and amazing metal bases.

Riva in Black Acrylic with Metal Base #2 in Burnished Brass

Our metal bases are an incredible option that can be added to just about every wall mounted vanity, turning it into a freestanding powerhouse of design. They are striking and beautiful, sure to amazing you every time you step into your bath. We offer  five different metal base styles ranging from a thin 1″ x 1″ front profile for a sleek and modern look to a sturdy 14″H base with shelf for additional storage space. All of our metal bases are available in our eight metal finishes including our new Matte Black and Satin Nickel finishes. As we said before, our metal bases are  compatible with the majority of our wall mounted vanities, including the entirety of our 400 series.

One thing that sets our metal bases apart from others is our dedication to bringing you the very best in the industry. Each base is welded in house by one of our talented craftsmen. Per Furniture Guild standards, we only use the highest quality of solid brass to construct these gorgeous bases so the end product not only looks great, it’s made an artists’ impeccable attention to detail and only the finest quality of materials.

So why should you choose a metal base for your bath? Metal bases offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to freestanding and wall mounted.  You still retain the light, airy feel that comes with a wall mounted vanity but you gain the stability of a freestanding design. Let’s not forget just how amazing these bad boys look. Metal bases can instantly up the design style of your entire space without loosing an inch of functionality.

To see all of our metal base designs and the vanities that are compatible, stop by our website or check out our configurator and start planning your dream vanity today!

And don’t forget to take a look at our Instagram page to see our vanities in the wild! Have one of our designs installed in your space? Tag us or send your pictures to us directly so we can feature your photos on our page!

Avalon in Lunar Grey Acrylic with Metal Base #4, Campaign Inlay, and Campaign Hardware in Satin Brass

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