One of a Kind

There are plenty of companies out there that will try and sell your their product by claiming that it is one of a kind, that you won’t find it anywhere else. But how true is that claim? How do you really know that what you are buying hasn’t been done before? How can you tell that what you bought truly is a one of a kind piece? Often times, you can’t and chances are, what you just bought is already sitting in someone else’s home.

As craftsmen, we don’t like that. That’s why when we say that each of our vanities are a one of a kind piece, we mean it. Everything we make here at The Furniture Guild is made to order. We never keep things in stock because no two vanities are ever going to be the same because no two customers are the same. We all have our own style and we all express it differently. So, everything we produce is made to fit our customer’s exact needs. We have over thirty different vanity designs, multiple configurations, fifty different finishes, and a wide range of options to choose from, making the overall vanity combinations nearly limitless.

We take pride in our work. Once a vanity is completed and has passed through quality control, each piece is then signed by the craftsman who created it. This is done not only to celebrate our work but so that the customer knows that their vanity was made by hand and wit the highest quality in mind – not sent down an assembly line to be constructed by robots.

Your vanity was a labor of love, carefully crafted by the best artisans in the world. When you purchase a vanity from The Furniture Guild, you know that what you get truly is one of a kind.


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