Feeling Oak-ey Dokey

Just picture it, sitting at the base of a massive oak tree on beautiful summer day, watching the light dance between the upward reaching branches – it sounds pretty darn peaceful doesn’t it? Like all you need is some lemonade, a good book, and you are go to go.

There is certainly something special and majestic about oak. It could be that it is one of the most venerated trees, sacred to powerhouse gods like Zeus, Dagda, and Thor. Maybe that’s why oaks are so prone to lightning strikes, having all of those gods of thunder associated with it. Or it could be the religious significance it has across a wide realm of cultures like the ancient Druids of Celtic Ireland or the early Christian churches. However you look at it, oak is a heavenly type of wood.

That’s why we love it so much. With its light beige color and uneven grain texture, oak is one of the most common and most beautiful woods around. It’s hard, supple, and undeniable strong, even if it can be a bit of a monster to tackle but trust us, the payoff is so worth the struggle. With some patience and a little finesse, you could be looking at one gorgeous piece of furniture.

We offer eight different oak finishes here at The Furniture Guild. Five are completely compatible with all series and three stunning reclaimed oak finishes. Whether you want something light, like our Milk Oak finish, or something a little bit more unique like Clear Reclaimed Oak, you are sure to be satisfied with the outcome of this regal wood.

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