A Light in the Darkness

Have you ever torn apart your bathroom vanity in a desperate search for something you know you left in a drawer but couldn’t find it because it was too dark? Or have you ever stumbled into your bathroom late at night and stubbed your toe because you didn’t want to turn on the light and blind yourself? If you have, trust me, we’ve all been there. If only there was a way to have a light inside of the vanity or even a nice dim light for the room in times of darkness then all of our problems would be solved.

Well guess what, we’ve got just the thing! We are talking about vanity interior and exterior lighting. These little babies will help you in times of trouble, providing warm LED light either under your vanity or in the drawer/door itself. The interior light is surface mounted just inside at the top of the cabinet and is perfect for adding just the right amount of light to illuminate the dark corners of the drawers. And the best part about this nifty little feature is, the lights are activated when the door or drawer is opened, turning your hunt for that missing earring into a breeze.

Our exterior lighting option for our vanities gives you just the right amount of warm LED lighting to accent the space below the vanity. This option includes a switch but it can also be wired to a wall switch by an electrician if desired. Not only does the exterior lighting illuminate your bathroom with its soft light, making it easier on your eyes when you make that mad dash in the middle of the night, but it can also enhance the look of your floors. Even if you don’t wish to have the exterior light to help you see in the dark, you can use it as a design tool to add mood and atmosphere to your own personal spa get away.

The times of scrambling around in the dark and digging through shadowy drawers are over thanks to these two amazing light options for you vanity. Head over to our website to learn more about these illuminating options!

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