All That Glitters

It’s no question that shiny things are always going to catch the eye. Whether its diamonds, plain old sparkles, or in this case, metal – shiny things are certainly attention grabbers. That’s right, metal is an up and (re)coming trend in the bathroom industry.

Brass and steel accents are taking over. Now, when I personally think of metal accents, specifically brass, I am instantly sent back to my Grandmother’s house and her chunky, clunky faucets and a retro chandelier. But trust me, these latest trends are nothing like that.

It’s all about warm metals and industrial looks. Soft brass brings a warm tone to any space. They add all the class that the traditional metal accents did but in a quieter way. It catches your eye but it doesn’t smack you in the face with its bold shine.

Even the polished or burnished brass used today is completely different from how it was utilized in the past. Paired with clean white walls, industrial greys, or even marble, burnished brass can elevate any bathroom instantly.

But it’s not all about that brass. Steel is having a moment too. Whether it is polished or brushed, steel will always be a slick choice. It’s clean and simple and works great if you are aiming for a farmhouse chic look in your space. Honestly, in our eyes, steel will never go out of style.

We are fully onboard with this uprising of metal use in the bathroom. In fact, we have been fans of metal for years. We have over four vanities that use metal in our designs and on top of that, we offer metal framing and metal bases that can be added to select vanities. And to add to all of that, we make all of our metals in house with the help of our skilled group of welders.

So whether you are team brass or team steel, we’ve got the options that will keep you on trend and looking stylish no matter what.

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