Everything in Its Place

They say cleanliness is close to godliness. But what about organization? Is there anything better than a clean, well-organized drawer? We certainly don’t think so. But achieving that perfect nirvana, where everything is in its place isn’t always easy to do. We get busy and shove things away and over time, it clutters up until all semblance of cleanliness and organization has been thrown out the window.

Wouldn’t life just be so much easier if our furniture came with neat little ways to help us stay organized?

Well, we are all about making life easier so we created our glass drawer dividers. What are glass drawer dividers you might ask? It’s pretty simple really, it’s a divider system that we designed to not only keep everything in its place but look incredible too.

Available in both our split and full drawers, our divider system uses glass dividers that can easily be removed and adjusted to fit your exact needs. What makes this system even better are the different inserts that can be added to increase your organizational options.

These inserts include a glass jar system, pencil/pen holder, and suede inserts. The glass jars are perfect for holding those small little items like cotton balls and swabs or hair pins. This frees up counter space and keeps things looking clean. The pencil/pen holder is great for holding mascara or eyeliner while the suede inserts are fantastic for holding jewelry.

Whatever your organizational needs are, our glass drawer divider system is guaranteed to lend a helping hand and get you one step closer to godliness.

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