Bathroom Trends – Open Shelving

For years, fancy bathroom supplies have been hidden away behind vanity doors, kept away from the world because there was just no good way to display them. Cluttered counter tops is never a good look so no matter how nice the bottle so, it is banished to the inside of the vanity. But there is a new trend that is ripping those doors right off the hinges and letting those fancy bottles free. The trend we are talking about is open shelf vanities.

Open shelf vanities are exactly what they sound like, they are vanities with an open shelf at the bottom. The added shelf allows for storage space that is right out in the open. Open shelves is not anything new in the design world but it is really starting to makes waves now that it is incorporated in vanities.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, why in the world would I want everyone to see my bathroom supplies? I get it, no one really wants to see your toilet bowl cleaner or your back stock of toothpaste. These aren’t the type of things you would display on your open shelf. After all, somethings are better kept a secret.

The open shelf allows you to display prettier bathroom items in a unique and creative way. Fancy lotions and decorative baskets filled with whatever your heart desires, are just some of the options available with an open shelf. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be bathroom related items. Vases or little decor items can perch happily on the shelf, bringing character to the room.This trend lets you express yourself and really make your bathroom space personal to you.

An added bonus that comes with an open shelf vanity is the creation of space. The gap between the top half of the vanity and the bottom shelf helps to make the room feel bigger and more open which is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

So if you have been dying to show off your designer towels or have a new set of decorative baskets you want to the world to see, an open shelf vanity is the way to go. It gives you the opportunity to show your creative side and gives your bathroom a touch of your personal flair!

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