8 Finish Combinations that We Love

Let’s be real, the best part of pulling together a design is picking out the colors, and with over fifty different finishes and eight metal finishes to choose from, that can be quite the task! We’ve picked out some of our favorite finish combinations for our bathroom vanities to help get those creative gears working!

French Walnut and Satin Brass are like the peanut butter and jelly of the design world. These two finishes play off each other so nicely with their warm tones and contrasting coloring. We think this finish combination looks best on our Josie vanity to create the ultimate Mid Century Modern look.

Nothing says classy quite like Cerused Oak and polished nickel. The light tone of the wood with the slightly warm tinge of the polished nickel create a look that screams elegance, especially on our Hayden vanity. Throw some marble on your walls and you’ll have a bathroom that is fit for a queen.

If dark and moody is what you’re after, look no further than Rosewood and matte black. Rosewood is an exotic finish with extreme color variation so it needs to go with something that will complement it’s wild look without overpowering it. Matte black (in the form of hardware or our Fenix countersinks) add just the right amount of flair without taking away from the beautiful grain of the wood.

Another great dark and moody combination that we are gaga over is our Harbor Grey matte paint and satin brass. This color combination reminds us of a misty day at the gardens and a nice cup of tea. Together they create a look that is classy and sophisticated, you’ll feel like you are headed to a garden party every time you enter your bathroom.

Natural Walnut is one of those finishes that can go with just about anything and look amazing. Matte black? Edgy. Polished nickel or chrome? Elegant. Brass? Beautiful. But we think mixing Natural Walnut with a pop of color, like green (we’re trying to keep with the natural theme here), is the way to go. Pairing this species of wood with a bold tile or brilliant shade of paint really brings out the two toned color of the finish creating a visual wonderland for the eyes.

We know, black and gold is the most classic color combination but listen, have you thought about white and gold (ahem, satin brass)? It’s bright, it’s bold, and yes, it’s beautiful. And most importantly, this color combination is the foundation for building the most epic of designs because everything goes with white and gold. That’s right, everything!

Yes, yes, we know, we just said that white and gold was the best thing ever. But so is Granite Walnut and satin brass because it brings the edginess of black and gold and the sophistication of white and gold to create a glamorous love child of color combinations. Add some dramatic tile and you’ve got yourself one showstopping bathroom.

For our final finish combination that we love, we decided to go with our boldest pairing yet: Sea Serpent and Burnished Brass. These two finishes pack a punch. The beautiful blue coloring of the automotive finish is the perfect companion the the glittering gold of burnished brass. Together they create a finish combination that will take your design dreams to the next level.

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