Satin Brass

In all of our many brass finishes, there is one in particular that stands out above the rest. This finish is a classy, understated, and modern take on a glittery metal. We are of course, taking about the wonderful and incomparable, satin brass.

Satin brass differs from its brass relatives for a few reasons. The first and most important thing to note is its appearance. Unlike burnished brass, which is a bold and expressive finish, satin brass is softer and less noisy. This is because all the glitz and glam of burnished brass has been polished away. Satin brass is a type of metal finish that falls under the brushed metal category. That means that the metal has been brushed to create a matte, unidirectional finish that doesn’t have the bright reflectiveness that is common with brass.

Alton in Granite Walnut and Satin Brass

So why does it stand out from all the other types of brass finishes? Because it’s so versatile. Its understated appearance allows it to fit seamlessly with nearly any type of style or design. It looks perfect against any background, light or dark, and makes a statement without bashing your over the head with its shine.

Satin brass is a sleek and sophisticated finish that can help elevate any look and tie it all together. Play around with our configurator to see just how perfect this finish will look on your dream vanity!

Josie in French Walnut and Satin Brass

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