Bathroom Trends – Metal Framed Vanities

In the world of design, modernity is all the rage. We’ve talked before about the rising trend of floating vanities and the clean lines of minimalist designs. But not all modern trends include floating vanities and sleek designs. There is another facet of modern design that deserves to be recognized as an up and coming trend – metal framed vanities.

Metal framed vanities are a unique and super chic way to spice up any bathroom, modern or not. Framed vanities add a textural element to the overall look of the space with the contrasting finishes of the metal and the vanity itself. If this type of vanity is sued in a minimalist style bath, it can add depth and character to a room that can sometimes come off as slightly sterile. Metal framed vanities are innovative and provide a new way to bring art into the bathroom.

This versatile trend is something that we happen to be big fans of here at The Furniture Guild. Just like the floating vanity trend, we’ve been in the business of creating metal framed vanities for a while now. In fact our entire 600 vanity series is comprised of metal framed vanities. We have our popular Winston vanity that incorporates a solid brass frame and its wall mounted counterpart, the Paxton. But it doesn’t end there. We have three more stunning metal vanities, metal drawer framing for any of our 400 series vanities, metal bases that can be added to most of our wall mounted vanities, and a metal inlay drawer trim that be applied to all of our vanity designs. Additionally, all of our metal is manufactured in house by our talented craftsmen.

When it comes to metal framed vanities, we could be happier to see this trend take off. Head over to our website to see all of our metal framed vanities and try out our configurator to see your dream vanity come to life!

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