Oil Can

In the world of metal, it might not seem like there are many finish options to choose from. You either get a gold or silver look. While both option are beautiful, sometimes you want a finish that is a little bit more daring and not so shiny. That’s why we came up with a finish that turns the traditional metal finishes on their heads. We call it oil can – a dark beauty that has all the class of a metal finish without the flashy appearance.

So what exactly is oil can? It’s not a golden brass or a sleek polished nickle but a gorgeous matte black finish. This unique metal finish is not accomplished by applying matte black paint or by using a powder coat. It’s actually a patina. A patina is a thin layer of chemical compounds that form on metal as a result of exposure to atmospheric elements. These chemicals are most commonly oxides, carbonates, and sulfates. Think of a penny, if exposed to water and oxygen for a long period of time, the shiny copper will become green. Or when iron is exposed to oxygen, it will rust. In both examples, the metal is exposed to an atmospheric element that in turn, changes the look of the metal.

Left: Avalon 405 in White FENIX with Oil Can Metal Base / Right: Alton 615 in Black FENIX and Oil Can

Patinas are any type of discoloration that occurs over time. Most of the time, patinas are naturally occurring, like The Statue of Liberty or a wooden piece of furniture darkening over time. But there are ways to create a patina without having to wait for nature to run its course. These are called applied patinas and they are used to create our oil can finish.

Our oil can patina creates a beautiful and rich black patina on cleaned steel or brass giving it that subtle matte black look. Once applied, the finish is coated with a clear sealer to prevent the finish from rusting. While the distressed look is what we are trying to achieve, actual rust is something we want to avoid. And using metal in the bathroom is a sure fire way to create unwanted rust.

Avant 620 in Grey Reclaimed Oak and Oil Can

The end result is a sleek and classy back matte look that is always on trend and perfect for any modern bathroom. Pair our oil can metal finish with our sophisticated black acrylic or the stylish matte black FENIX and you are guaranteed to have a bold and beautiful vanity. But if the all black look isn’t your aim, oil can is sure to make a poignant statement with any finish you choose.


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