It’s all in the Name

Names are important things. They often times define us as people. So choosing a name to represent a business is not always an easy task. You want to be sure that the name you choose is impactful and unique to your company, something that will make you stand out from all the rest. It’s a lot of pressure.

Lucky for us, it wasn’t that much a struggle. If fact, it was pretty easy.

When Chuck founded The Furniture Guild, he already had a plan and vision for the company. He knew exactly what he wanted people to think of when they heard our name.

The definition of a guild is a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. Or in more modern terms, a guild is an association of people in pursuit of a common goal. When people see or hear the name, The Furniture Guild, we want them to know who we are and what we are is a guild.

Every employee of The Furniture Guild is an artist. Day in and day out we work towards the common goal of creating top quality bathroom vanities that showcase our craftsmen’s impeccable skill. We are a team and a family. We work and create together to ensure that the finished product is only the very best. So it seemed only fitting to call ourselves a guild.

Picking the right name for your company can be a daunting task. But when you have a team as amazing as ours, choosing the right name is pretty simple.

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