Maple of My Eye

Who doesn’t like the sweeter things in life? Like ice cream on a hot day or getting to leave work early on a Friday? They are instant mood lifters. Well our mood lifts when we look at the sweetest wood around, maple.

When most people think of maple, their first thought is syrup-not wood. And I don’t blame you, syrup is amazing. Especially on waffles and of course, let’s not forget pancakes. You can’t go wrong with the classics. But now that I’ve got you hungry let’s talk about the other side of maple. Trust me, it’s just a sweet.

Sugar maple, also known as hard maple or rock maple, is one of the most abundantly growing tree in North America. Because it is so easily found, it is a very eco-friendly material to use. Not only are the trees easy to find, more often than not, they are supplied locally which cuts down on shipping and reduces the overall carbon footprint. So not only are you using a beautiful wood but, you’re helping the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Maple is also incredibly strong and looks amazing. It’s light, creamy color holds a beautifully smooth grain pattern and looks down right stunning when stained. We offer 8 different stains that are guaranteed to make your vanity look exquisite no matter what. But if stains are not what you are looking for and want a more dramatic look, our eight different matte paint finishes look fabulous on this amazing wood.

Because of its strong nature and beautiful color it is most often used in high-end furniture which is why we love this sweet, sweet wood.

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