Powerful Storage

If you’ve been following our In Depth Look series, then you know all about our power options. How cool is it to have a power outlet nested perfectly in your drawer, eliminating unsightly cords? It’s pretty great, so great in fact that it’s hard to top the greatness.

Well sit tight because we are about to blow your mind.

That’s right, there is something out there that is even greater than our power option. It’s called our Hair Dryer options. When you choose to incorporate a power option into your vanity, you can go an extra step and add in a hair dryer holder.

Mind. Blown.

We offer two hair dryer options, one for a door and one for a drawer. Both create a space to hold your hair dryer, as the name suggests. Our hair dryer option for the door is a heat resistant bracket that is mounted to the door where you can neatly store both your hair dryer and curling iron. Because this option is mounted to the door, a simple power option is required. It makes for easy access and simple storage.

The hair dryer drawer option has a hair dryer grommet installed inside the drawer, next to an integrated power outlet. A deep drawer is required for this option so that your hair dryer fits snugly inside. Both options have some limitations so check with your local sales rep to make sure you plan is compatible before ordering.

Our hair dryer options provide a level of organization that is easy to manage and keeps your counter space clear from cords. Not only does it use our awesome in drawer power options but it helps keep your already busy life just a little bit more organized and less cluttered.

Check out this video of JorDan, one of talented craftsmen, installing a hair dryer drawer option!

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