Pullout Trays

You know the struggle. How many times have you have to root around in your cabinet, searching for that last roll of toilet paper but you haven’t been able to reach it? It’s infuriating. If only there was a way that you could just pull the whole bottom out so you can finally grasp the far reaches of the back cabinet. Well guess what? We’ve got just the option for you – pullout trays.

Available in an upper and lower pullout, these trays work for any of our door system vanities and have a fully extending drawer that allows for easy access to all those pesky items that like to hide in the shadowy depths of the cabinet. The upper pullout is U shaped to make room for plumbing but makes a perfect little organizer for all of your smaller bathroom needs. The lower pullout is great for ease of access.

Left: U TRAY / Right: P TRAY

There are some compatibility limitations when it comes to this vanity option. For instance, the upper and lower pullout trays are not compatible with the hair dryer/curling iron holders for vanity doors. The upper pullout is also incompatible with the hair dryer/curling iron holder and well as any 03/04 configurations (the drain must be centered between the doors for this option to work).

Left: U TRAY / Right: P TRAY

Barring the compatibility limitations, this option is a perfect fix for that pesky little problem of not being able to reach and offers a simple solution to making things easy. After all, who doesn’t want to make life a little bit easier? To see more on this option and all the options we offer, check out our website!

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