Floating On A Cloud

As designers of bathroom vanities, we are always on the hunt for new ideas and all popular trends.

One of the most interesting things we found while scouring the internet was how often wall mounted – or floating– vanities popped up on people’s ‘must have’ lists. It’s interesting because nearly all of our designs can be wall mounted. Looks like we were cool before it was cool.

So what is it about floating vanities that people like so much? Well, there are several things. For one, their minimalistic design makes the whole bathroom seem bigger than it actually is. The open space between the vanity and the floor makes the room feel airy and reduces the amount of clutter.  And of course, floating vanities make cleaning your floors so much easier, which is always a plus!

Overall, the slick and modern design is what seems to be captivating everyone’s interest. The seamless design instantly elevates any bathroom into a spa like retreat. And who doesn’t want to feel like they are at a spa after a hard day of work?

If you’re in the market for a floating vanity we have a wide selection to choose from .Even if you like the look of a wall mounted vanity but are unsure if it will work in your space, we can create a custom recessed toekick that will give the impression of a wall mounted vanity without having to attach it to the wall. Whether your style is more transitional or you have more a leaning towards a modern look, you are sure to find a vanity that will fit your specific needs.  Head over to our website to check out all of wall mounted vanities and find a showroom near you!

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