Black is the New Black

Is there anything more timeless and classic than the color black? Sure, people like to say things like pink or orange are the new black but, is it really true? We don’t think so. Black is forever stylish and always on trend. That’s why this glamorous color is part of our bathroom trends series.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Black isn’t a good color for a bathroom. No one wants to feel like they are trapped in a cave. Bathrooms are supposed to be light and airy. We know this and we agree but there are ways to use black in the bathroom that won’t make you feel like you are showering in a dark cloud.

Left: Chelsea in Matte Black Paint / Right: Riva in Black Acrylic with Burnish Brass Metal Base #2

Picture this: gleaming white walls, pristine tile flooring, and a stunning black vanity decked out with burnished brass hardware – sounds pretty elegant doesn’t it? Using black in your bathroom is all about how you work it. If you want to be daring and paint your walls black, all the power to you. But if you only want to use a little bit of black, we suggest making a statement with your vanity. I know, suggesting a statement making vanity again, it’s almost like we make them or something!

We offer six stunning black finishes, from classic matte paint to our shiny black lacquer that will put literal stars in your eyes. Throw in some touches of metal by adding a metal base or framing and you are sure to create a glamorous vanity that will last a lifetime, in more ways than one. Not only will it look timeless thanks to the perfection that is the color black but all of our vanities come with a lifetime warranty.

Left: Hayden in English Walnut / Right: Verso Short in Black Acrylic

Whether or not you chose to go hard and throw black paint up on your walls or sick with making a few bold splashes with your vanity, black is always a good choice. That’s why black, will always be the new black.

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