Walnut Drawer Upgrade

In case you haven’t heard, we love walnut. I mean, what’s not to love about it? It’s rich and elegant and makes everything instantly more appealing. Not to mention, it’s pretty well know among woodworkers to be one of the best woods to use when making furniture. It’s downright stunning. That’s why we offer five gorgeous walnut finishes that look perfect on all of our vanities. But we love walnut so much that we had to go one step further. After all, you can never have too much of a good thing!

To help satisfy our walnut cravings, we off a walnut drawer upgrade. This upgrade converts the default vanity drawer box into a stunning walnut drawer. All of the upgraded drawers are hand crafted in our plant and made from solid American Black Walnut.

This option is more or less specific to our 400 and 600 series. It targets these vanity designs because they utilize our substructure construction. This means that the interior of the vanity is constructed of a grey substructure, regardless of the exterior finish. So in short, with the Walnut Drawer Upgrade you can turn the grey drawers of the substructure into an elegant walnut drawer to give your vanity an extra touch of depth and character.

Our Walnut Drawer Upgrade can also be applied to our 100/200 series vanities as well however, these vanities do not utilize the substructure design and the interior is finished to match the finish you choose. They are also available in our B Wood finishes that include several walnut finishes – so you can simply order your 100/200 series vanity in French Walnut and the drawers will subsequently be finished to match; eliminating the need for the optional upgrade. But if your heart is set on one of our Matte Paint finishes but want walnut drawers, you can certainly apply this upgrade to your vanity.

To see more of our optional upgrades, including the Walnut Drawer Upgrade, head over to our website! And don’t forget to check out our Instagram feed to see awesome installation photos!

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