Top 10 Avalon Vanities

Our Avalon vanity is perhaps one of the most versatile vanities that we offer. With it’s sleek and modern design and the multitude of finishes and options we offer, there are so many ways to make this two drawer vanity unique.

We’ve gone through our Instagram page and picked out our top 10 favorite Avalon vanities sent in by designers and showrooms alike. Sound off in the comments below to let us know which Avalon vanities are your favorites!

10. Avalon in Black Oak // @heatherthompsonhomes

Why We Love It: We love the contrast of the dark wood finish with the beautiful wood ceiling. The minimalist Edge Pull hardware is sleek and furthers the transitional design of the space.

9. Avalon in White Acrylic

Why We Love It: We love the glossy shine of the White Acrylic finish paired with the gorgeous marble walls. The added Integrated Finger Pulls keep the vanity face free of hardware and super chic.  

8. Avalon in Rosewood // @annaodesign

Why We Love It: It’s all about the Rosewood. This unique wood is so rich and full of character that it instantly elevates any room it’s in. Add a super Matte Black Fenix top and you’ve got a match made in vanity heaven.

7. Avalon in White Acrylic and Polished Chrome Framing

Why We Love It: Marble wall and floors? Check! Fabulous lighted mirrors? Check! External vanity lights and ultimate glam? Check! The Polished Chrome Framing is just the cherry on top! 

6. Avalon in French Walnut // @interioranthology

Why We Love It: The open space below the vanity shows off the beautiful flooring while the warm French Walnut finish compliments the textured wallpaper for a moody and modern bath that doesn’t need any “Help!”.

5. Avalon in Natural Walnut // @destinationeichler

Why We Love It: The glossy black tiles help make this vanity pop with the warm and varied tones of the Natural Walnut Finish. It brings contrast and life to create a beautifully modern and masculine bath.

4. Avalon in Champaign Acrylic // @hkdecor1

Why We Love It: The glittery Champaign Acrylic with the shiny Polished Chrome Framing and the beautiful marble walls…well what’s not to love about this glamorous bath? 

3. Avalon in Sea Serpent // @tkdesignsnyc

Why We Love It: The rich gloss of the Sea Serpent Automotive finish perfectly compliments the blue hue in the detailed floor tile and the subtle shine of the Polished Nickel framing ties in wonderfully with the shiny metal sink basin for an overall elegant look.

2. Avalon in Custom Navy Lacquer // @suskelley725

Why We Love It: Beach vibes to the extreme! The beautiful blue finish with the bold Polished Nickel Recessed Bar Pulls create a nautical theme that is only enhanced by the wavy texture of the walls. 

1.Avalon in White Acrylic // @bestplg

Why We Love it: Not only does the white finish make an impact against the dark wall but the Metal Inlay option adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to make a luxurious bath, perfect for relaxing.

Tell us what you think! Which Avalon vanity is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out all of our beautiful vanity install photos by heading over to our Instagram page!

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